Sunday, July 15, 2012

Free Scholarships And Grants For College

Looking for work? Stuck in  a dead  end job? Maybe its time to get a new marketable skill to jump start your job search.
Nowadays many job openings require skills you may not have. Lots of adults are going back to school to train for the new boom in IT,healthcare, green  and other sectors of the economy.
The problem with college now is the cost of tuition has skyrocketed and loans can become  a burden.
You may not realize it but there are over 19 billion dollars in 2.7 million grants and scholarships to help you pay for college! You just need to know where to look.
Don't get scammed into paying for this information. Instead here are seven great free online grant and scholarship websites to help you find the money you need to study for, and succeed in  a new career.

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